Repaying Your Loans

We require that you repay your loan during the first 5 years starting one year after you leave school or complete your training, usually in payments distributed evenly (say, monthly or quarterly) over the next 4 years. You can repay by check, echeck  or PayPal.*

Over the years, our students have realized that their repayments benefit the next generation of students and have over 700 student loans amounting in total now to almost $1,071,800. Our money recycles on average about every 7 years, benefiting even more students.

And some of our students have made generous contributions to our fund after they had paid their loan and established their careers.  Click here for more information.

*Please note that while the PayPal screen indicates this is a donation, there is a note that specifies you are making a loan payment. You have the option to make this a monthly payment. Click on the button below to pay: