Who are Some of the Former SELF Loan Recipients?

One is now a doctor who specializes in internal medicine and lives in Florida.

A young woman received some SELF help with her undergraduate work and  with her pharmacy school fees. She is now employed as a licensed pharmacist in Pleasanton.

A Livermore resident received loans to pursue her certificate in massage therapy.

In l995, SELF enabled a single mom with a seven year old daughter to go to college and become an accountant.

A young man from Viet Nam arrived in Livermore just before he was ready to start high school.  He learned English while pursuing his studies.  After graduation, SELF assisted with his education, and he now designs computer software in Silicon Valley.

A local graduate studied engineering and is now working as an engineer at Lawarence Livermore National Laboratory.

A talented Livermore resident was helped by SELF to pursue a two year Master’s Degree in music.  She is now a professional opera singer and is getting excellent reviews for her performances.

A young woman, who had received some undergraduate help from SELF, had an opportunity to study in France for a year and was awarded an additional loan for that purpose.

In l976, we awarded a loan to a Livermore man who had a passion for sailing and became a sail maker of great ability.  Eventually, he designed and made the sails for one of the yachts in the Americas Cup race.  He is in the midst of a career change and attending a midwestern university to pursue a degree in astro-physics.