Criteria for Granting SELF Loans

  • Applicants must either be current residents of Livermore or a graduate of one of Livermore’s high schools.
  • Applications must be received by July 1, although applications may be considered at other times under special circumstances. Loans will granted once a year. A typical loan award is between $1000 and $3000. A student may apply for additional loans in subsequent years.
  • The loan awards committee will determine the amount of each loan based on funds available, number of applicants, and each applicant’s need.

Other Factors that MAY be Considered

  1. Applicant’s high school or college transcripts should show reasonable academic progress.
  2. Resourcefulness – an indication that the student is attempting to carry some of the financial burden by working and/or saving.
  3. Community service.
  4. Degree of need – special circumstances that could be considered, e.g. number of children in family, employment status of parent(s).
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